Happy belated Thanksgiving! I love this holiday because it gives us such a GREAT excuse to gobble into food coma with no regrets. Well, I like to think so, but besides the food, I enjoy great company and I love the time I get with my family & friends. This was my first time in a long time that I had the time off away from BLACK FRIDAY to spend with my wonderful family and it was indeed a great time.

Normally, on this wonderful and filling holiday, my family would get together and cook a big meal but due to certain circumstances, we decided to switch things up a little. We booked two suites, one for the boys and the other for the girls. We did not want to share! This weekend was sure a blast. We slept in, did each other’s makeup, did spa treatment and played board games. It was just a great getaway from the world and just a great time to focus on our love for each other.

We also threw in a great photoshoot where we took turns taking each others pictures and modeled for the camera. Oh, I wish we had more time but because of the coldness, we couldn’t stay out too long. I’m glad that we were able to squeeze in a wonderful time away from the world and spend time with each other. I love my family.

Below are some pictures of my sisters and I modeling it up! Have fun!

Top:H&M|Leggings: Charlotte Russe| Booties: Charlotte Russe| Earrings: Charlotte Russe





Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day! =)



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