It’s All about the Necklace.


IMG_0506 -- 01Hi Lovelies!

Today I decided to share pictures of my favorite necklace. I bought this beautiful necklace from a couple of months ago. I just couldn’t decide how I wanted to style it with. All I know is that I wanted a fierce and confident look since the necklace makes such a bold statement.

Silver necklaces like this is no stranger to me and like everyone else, it was always a fashion must have. My mother use to love dressing us up in our Hmong costumes and we would take pictures in them. Most summers, after school is done, my mom, my two sisters and I would sit around in the living room and sew our own Hmong costumes. The details are very important and the colors are extremely vital in how the result of the costume will look. Through this, I learned to be patient and sew every detail the way my mom would show me. In the end, the results paid off as my work has turned into a beautiful costume waiting to be worn during the Hmong New Year. The silver necklace is the most important piece to our costume as it symbolizes wealth and success. Although, I don’t know how these necklaces are made, I just know it takes a lot of work and the intricate details are stunning to look at.

Hmong sistersHere is a simple picture of my younger sisters and I sporting the newer version of Hmong clothes and of course, the silver necklace to complete the outfit. It’s very similar to the modern look that it has taken on in many stores but I know that this piece was in our culture for many years and I am glad that it has influenced today’s fashion.

What is your favorite piece of jewelry that you have in your closet?



(Photography credits to Nancy Yang of FNY Photography)


2 thoughts on “It’s All about the Necklace.

  1. It is such a gorgeous bold necklace! Finding the right outfit must be hard, but I see you did a great job at finding it. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. BTW thank you so much for the ideas for my trip, I am looking in to going to this beach that has colorful houses by the coast. I hope your enjoying your summer!

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