Church OOTD

Hello everyone! I don’t know what I love more; statement jewelry, handbags or shoes that makes you look fabulous. Can I love all three the same? I finally did some shopping in the last few days and was able to buy a couple items to add to my wardrobe this season. I’ve been buried in work, school and netflixing that I’ve been getting comfortable in jeans, sweats and tees. I needed an outfit that was girly yet comfortable and found this plain and casual dress but yet it was still flirty and fun because of the skater styled bottom. I love this dress because you can style it in so many ways. 

Since the dress was super plain, I decided to add some color and elegance with a statement necklace that matches well with navy blue. As always nothing can go wrong with a black MK handbag and simple black heels to complete his outfit. This outfit was super comfortable and it is a great transition from being Miss Sweatpants to Miss I Have a Purpose Now dress. I need to buy more dresses like this. Where do you buy your dresses? I would love to read the comments below. Thanks for reading!





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