Fly like A Bird

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I’m literally freaking out about two things. One: it is already November which means, that the holidays are coming up soon and I haven’t even made any plans yet! Two: the weather has been nothing but good this fall and it doesn’t even feel like winter is coming yet. The Midwest should already be expecting snow around this time but I guess we will be having a late winter again. However, I am not complaining!

I actually did some shopping over the weekend and wanted to take some pictures since the weather was super nice out. My main purpose for shopping was to buy pieces that I can incorporate into my work office style outfits and every day casual wear. It can be challenging when what you can only wear to work are blazers, button down shirts, and slacks but sometimes it can dress up a casual outfit. I was looking for pieces that were versatile and yet appropriate for work.

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In this picture, I am wearing a long sleeve, chiffon, and blush colored blouse with black bird outline patterns on it. The pattern is super adorable and it definitely plays up the blouse, which I absolutely love. I paired it with some black skinny jeans and a caramel colored pair of boots. I actually bought these boots two years ago on and I still get compliments about them. I guess some pieces are classic since fashion is always changing. And then of course, I am carrying the Michael Kors hand bag that I got a couple months ago.

Another thing that I am trying to get back into is accessorizing! I forget how easy it is to play up an outfit with the right accessories and I need to challenge my creativeness with these beautiful pieces. I have on a pearl necklace that my boyfriend got for me from the Philippines. I felt it would work with this outfit and pop against the black and blush colored theme. I also have on the blush and sparkly watch that I got years ago as well.

Well, after this post, I am going to start planning for the holidays. I can’t believe Thanksgiving Day is just 15 days away! Our family always have our traditional dinner and then we would play games but it’s been like that for the last couple of years and I want brainstorm ideas on changing it up. What are some ideas to make this holiday a little bit different this year? Share your comments below. I would love to hear some feedback Thank you!




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